Integrate multiple data sources

View requirements from different teams or systems automatically and highly condensed on a single interface.

Identify cost-saving potential

Similar requirements are automatically identified and summarized so that bundling and prioritizing becomes possible.

Review similar and new requirements

The NIZE technology provides you with an overview over the most important differences within your requirements.

Detect synergies between different systems

Requirements relevant for e.g. many countries are systematically identified and summarized.

Discover Feature creep

Important differences between various requirements documents become quickly recognizable.

Control versions of your requirements

Our algorithms automatically find all versions belonging to a document. They display what has changed between the various versions. 

Detect forgotten requirements sooner

Semantic algorithms make it easy to identify important requirements which have not yet been noted.

Use clever ideas from other departments

Similar requirements but different execution across departments? Our semantic algorithms help you detect similar topics across your whole organization.

Analyze and optimize your requirements

NIZE Requirements shows you the important requirements in a highly compressed form and evaluates differences automatically.

  • Overview of similar and new requirements
  • Automatic comparison
  • Context-aware Machine Learning algorithms
  • Platform and operation
  • Various customization possibilities

Find out how Machine Learning can help you manage and prioritize your requirements better.

NIZE Requirements
Do automatic identification of cost drivers, and synergies sound like something you would like to know more about?