Consulting and Coaching

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and unstructured data


Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Trainings for managers, functional experts and data scientists


Services for user-generated content

Interactive network analysis, engagement scoring, trend detection


Understand your content

Our mission is making UGC understandable, measurable and accessible with the help of AI in order to create business value.

Our solutions and trainings enable former passive content consumers to leverage AI technology and become pro-active co-creators.

Services for automatic UGC analysis

All services can be booked on-premise or as SaaS in the cloud.

Leveraging human-generated unstructured content is a crucial part of a company's outside-in strategy. Our clients are able to better listen to their customers, better align their business strategy with customer expectations, better engage the customers in relevant content production and automatise their redactional processes.

  • Interactive network analysis

    Uncovering hidden patterns/relations within users and topics.

  • Engagement Scoring

    Identification of influencers and trolls using techniques like sentiment analysis.

  • Early warning system

    Alert system with automatically suggested actions.


For managers, functional experts and data scientists.

We help moving AI out of the technical corner into the heart of the enterprise. The training/coaching module "Artificial intelligence for managers" enables participants to use technical terms correctly and - more important - make decisions based on their own understanding of the new possibilities.

Our training modules are based on methods like lean startup and design thinking. We have been very successful with e.g. a "five hour co-creation challenge" to create real-world ML prototype output as something the participants can be proud of.

  • Artificial Intelligence for managers

    Understand and assess machine learning in order to strategically re-aligning your company and drive innovation.

  • Advanced Text Analytics

    Learn how to find insights in huge amount of your own text data and explain the business case to your management.

  • Co-Creation Data Challenge

    Management, functional and technical experts create a real-world ML prototype in only four hours.


We help companies to gain all necessary functional and technical competences to deal with human-generated unstructured content.

We help companies on their first steps towards leveraging their user-generated content with AI. For example with finding answers to questions like "How can I move my business forward transform with AI?", "What use cases are well-suited for AI and how can I myself be more innovative?" "What skills do I need within my company?"

We coach collaboratively. While we are AI & UGC experts, our clients know their business best. By intelligently connecting the dots we discover innovative use cases that have the potential to transform your business. Fast feedback loops between us and our clients make sure we iterate and improve without losing direction. We create real-world ML prototypes that make it easier for allow our clients to evaluate which idea is worth moving forward deploying into production.


Conference talks, workshops & side projects

Change will lead to insight far more often than insight will lead to change.

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