We manage your text so you can manage your business.


You have full control over your content sources

datanizing's machine intelligence platform NIZE catches hundreds of databases relevant to your business problem.


NIZE adapts to your business challenge

The NIZE machine learning algorithms help you find data-driven answers to your most pressing business questions.

What is datanizing?

datanizing is a place where clever people make tools and technology that make huge amounts of text easily digestible for others.

We believe that if individuals have the tools to easily find the patterns within the text masses that are right now filling up their business lives – be it too many requirements specifications, too many customer e-mails, product reviews or something different – we all will have a more satisfying job with more freedom of time and better knowledge to build better products and make less mistakes during and after the building process.

What is NIZE?

The name NIZE is derived from datanizing. “NIZE IT” is also an American slang phrase for “be quiet“ which is used if someone is talking too much. The text analytics service NIZE is exactly built for doing this: Finding the important messages and meaning within huge amounts of text. NIZE tells the text masses out there "NIZE IT – what is the important insight behind all these words?"

Where we come from
We like text, especially when it‘s a mess.

datanizing GmbH was founded in 2017 by Stephanie Fischer and Dr. Christian Winkler. We are based in the South of Germany (Munich and Nuremberg).

Back when datanizing launched in 2017, many companies solved text analytics problems via custom projects. They were expensive, often unnecessarily experimental and had little standardization - both in terms of technologies and processes. An integrated, automated end-to-end processing from raw text to visual representation that can be tailored to domain-specific business questions did not yet exist.

datanizing set out to develop the "gold standard" for machine intelligence platforms and offer it as language-aware text service.

We began providing end-to-end text analytics services and branded it NIZE. We developed specialized expertise in technologies such as NLP, Topic Modeling, Semantic Algorithms, Interactive Visualization and found our niche: Market research and requirements analysis.

We are a bootstrapped company and cashflow-positive. Our revenue is generated from our existing customers which are using our text analytics service and continuously developing it further with us. Since 2019 we are part of STARTUP AUTOBAHN batch 6 and our technology development is sponsored by the BayTOU grant from the Bavarian state.

datanizing team
Stephanie Fischer
Co-Founder / Business Development
Dr. Christian Winkler
Co-Founder / Technology
Vivien Marie Egerland
Creative Lead
Maximilian Birkner
Finance Lead
We actively shape the future of AI within our society.
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