Posted on 24 Jul 2019 Data-driven personas from User Generated Content taking Market Segmentation to a New Level (Case Study)

We have collected and analyzed 3 million comments from London Biking enthusiasts using Machine Learning. Get the full case study to learn how Machine Learning derives insights from huge text amounts.

by Stephanie Fischer
Posted on 16 Jul 2019 datanizing presents AI-driven market intelligence dashboard at EXPO of STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered By Plug and Play

In the beginning of 2019 datanizing was voted as one of the Top Tech Startups into Batch 6 of STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play. 

by Stephanie Fischer
Posted on 09 Jul 2019 What promotes, what hinders the success of AI? – Workshop & video

Which influencing factors ensure that artificial intelligence technologies are successful in practice? This was the central question of the workshop with experts from industry and research within the framework of the Learning Systems Platform and the AI Marketplace project, to which the Fraunhofe...

by Maximilian Birkner
Posted on 05 Jul 2019 Panel discussion at Lernende Systeme annual conference

by Vivien Marie Egerland
Posted on 04 Jul 2019 Workshop at m3 London: Modern methods of text mining

Advanced methods of automated text analysis help making previously manual, time-consuming and error-prone processes more efficient or possible at all. They offer great cost-saving potential and competitive advantages for companies. NLP, clustering, topic modelling, classification, universal embe...

by Christian Winkler