Data-driven personas from User Generated Content taking Market Segmentation to a New Level (Case Study)

We have collected and analyzed 3 million comments from London Biking enthusiasts using Machine Learning. Get the full case study to learn how Machine Learning derives insights from huge text amounts.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to find out what’s important to your target audience in the context of your product, you’ll like this Case Study about analyzing user-generated content. The case study shows how our machine learning algorithms turn millions of opinions of cycling enthusiasts in the UK into six data-driven personas.

We have applied and optimized the intuitive, easy-to-understand visualization of the personas in a large number of projects.

Market research experts have called the method “The New Way of Desk Research” - and it‘s even more.

Data-driven personas have already been used for

  • the analysis of customers’ main pain points,
  • for segmentation and sizing of potential buyer groups,
  • as a basis for a customer-centric product strategy and
  • for positioning in new target markets.

Data-driven personas can be applied to a variety of questions, such as

  • What is important to people operating a voice assistant in the USA?
  • Which features do Germans really care about in electric vehicles?

We are sure that this cannot be everything. ☺

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