FoundHER Panel discussion

#FoundHER Plug and Play invited female tech founders for their first event outside the US to discuss lessons learned about what it takes to found and lead a tech company.

Some of the key insights from the panel discussion Steffi was happy to join together with Sonja Moosburger and Maria Sievert – smoothly moderated from Jan C. Küster

• It’s about discovering shared goals and working together, also across company-boarders.

• If you want to found a company, found it.

• Next to data scientists founding and working, also people who are able to envision new business models based on insights data scientists make visible are important. People who explain the data-driven outcomes to others.

• We need designers, sales people, change managers, lawyers, pricing experts and much more who understand methods like machine learning and evolve their roles.

And with your own company or as an employee – it’s about learning what you think you lack from friends, family, Coursera, blogposts. You might not necessarily need a Master’s degree to get going. At some point, one needs to start. After actually starting is where the real learning takes place.

#FoundHER meetup featured more inspiring people like Rosie Fortunello from Business Sisters, Dr. Lisa Smith from prewave and Sabine Walch from AvoCard who shared their insights on founding and leading a company. Founding and growing is happening and together with many more supporters from all different genders, histories and countries we are creating a world based on top-notch technology that empowers individuals, detecting shared goals and lifting each other up.